How to Care for your Microphone Stands

Microphone Stands mic stands for drum sets

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Here's How To Get A Lifetime of Use Out of Your Mic Stands

Don't Over tighten The Clutch
If the mic stand won't hold up the weight of your mic with just simple hand pressure on the clutch, replace heres how to care for your mic standsthe stand with one of heavier design.
Lubricate Moving Parts
Use a little WD40 or graphite to lubricate the adjustable parts of the stand.
Keep Your Stands Dry
Rust will pit the chrome and cause moving and adjustable parts to fail.
Protect The Threads
Damaged threads where the mic clip attaches to the stand or where the upright tube fits into the base is the most common cause of mic stand failure. You can protect these delicate threads with a little gaffers tape. Put a tab on the tape and you can use it over and over
Tighten Adjustable Parts Before Transporting
Apply a little pressure to the adjustable parts of your stands so the pieces don't move around and knock against each other during transport.
Scratches on black painted mic stands can be filled in with a sharpie Marker or a grease pencil. Filling these scratches will prevent rust and extend the life of the stand.
Adjust Boom Arms Correctly
Move the center fitting on the boom arm closer to the microphone to counterbalance the mic weight rather than over tightening the boom fitting.
Keep Your Stands Clean
Use an adhesive remover to clean tape gum off the microphone stands.
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